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Today in this post i will show you how to Revoke Whatsapp Group chat invite link.
 As we know to Add someone on a Group on whatsapp Admin can add contacts on his phone to a Group,  but whdn the Group is to target large Audience contacts on Admin phone is not sufficient, here comes whatsapp Group chat invite link which you can share to other to get more members.
 But sometimes after sharing your Group invite link, you might start getting large number of participants and you don't want that, and to start Removing members is a Hard-Time consuming and You can't Delete all the links you might have shared on other social media.

you need not to worry as you can stop people from joining your Group through the link you shared without Deleting the Link,  All you need to do is make the link invalid(revoke it)

==> Open Whatsapp App on your phone
==> open The Group you want to revoke its link.
==> Tap on the Group Header and select "invite via Link"
==> click on "Revoke Link" and confirm
That's all Another new link will be generated for you.

Hope you found this post useful share to friends.

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