Friday, 31 August 2018

How To Check Data Balance on Mtn

Today I Will Teach you how To check Mtn Data Balance

Sometimes many people found it difficult to check data balance on Mtn so i decided to share it here to help those people and if you know only one method you can Learn other method to check Data balance
Although each data purchased has a unique way to check it balance still there is a General way to check all Data Balance on mtn

When you recharge your Sim depending on your Data plan or when you receive Bonus Mb, to check the data Balance Dial <font color="red">*559# or Dial *559*4#</font> it will show you your Data Balance.
Note: mosttime's when you purchase a Data plan you won't be able to check it this way Although you can still check some But there is a method to check purchased Data plan
Dial <font color="red">*131*4#</font> It will Display your current Data plan Balance

<b>How To Check Mtn Data Balance using Text Message</b>
You can Also check your Data Balance using sms to do this
- Go to your Text Message
- send 2 To 131
You will receive a reply shorty Containing Your Data Balance

Another way To check A specific Data plan Balance is to follow the Ussd for subscribing that Plan most times you will see an option to check your remaining Data.

<H2>How To Check Mtn Data Balance Online</H2>
If you have Internet connection on your phone you can check your Data Balance Online both Android and Java phone users Download the <font color="red">MYMTN APP</font> to check data Balance online

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

How To Set Primary and Secondary Sim on Android phone

Today, in this post I will show you how to set Primary and Secondary sim on your Android Phone.
 As most Android comes with Two Sims then there is a need to set which Sim is Going to be Primary and Secondary.
  The primary Sim card has higher functions unlike the secondary, sometimes when you want to perform an Action, the primary Sim card is used, also you will notice one Sim card has The 3g/2g option while the other is only 2g.

The primary Sim card doesn't mean is the sim card in the first slot it can also be in the second slot, but most times when you first insert your sims, the one in the first slot is chosen as primary sim, while some Android phone you will be given the option to select.

Set Primary and Secondary Sim on Android phone
==> Go to Settings on your Android phone
==> Go to Sim cards
==> Scroll down and select primary Sim
Choose your preferred Sim as primary and the other will Become Secondary wait while it Load.

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