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Today in this guide, i will teach you how to clear App Data and Cache files on Android phone.

over a period of time, your app will store lots of data,cache and junk files, these files sometimes makes an app to misbehave or not to respond.
so it is a good idea fron time to time, to clear an app cache and data.

Note: when you clear an app data you will lose all accounts, information that app has stored, but clearing cached files won't erase any of your data. follow these steps to clear App Data and Cache files on Android phone

Clear App Data and Cached Filea

The steps involved in clearing app data of an app on some Android phone differs,  but if you understand a step you can apply it to your phone

To clear App Data and cache on Android lollipop (5) and older versions
==> Go to settings
==> Apps > swipe right to All Apps
==> select the app
you will see the options
  Clear Data
  Clear Cache
Tap on them and select OK to confirm.

on Android marshmallow (6.0) and newer versions
==> Go to settings > Apps
==> Tap on The App
==> on the next screen tap on Storage,

Next tap on clear Cache And Data and press OK to confirm.

Note: When you clear data it automatically clear cache also,  but if you clear Cache it won't Data.

Hope you found this tutorial useful share to friends. 

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