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By Default, your Facebook friend list is set as public and it can be seen by anyone.

But if you don’t want others to see your Facebook friend list, then you need to hide it from others.

Some people do check other people's profile and go through their friend list abd sometimes these people are not your friends yet on Facebook.

Facebook has provided options to hide your friend list,and it can be done in minutes. I am going to show you to do this task on both the desktop and mobile browsers.

Hide Facebook Friend List from Others

On Desktop

Step 1.Log into your Facebook account.
step 2.Navigate to your Profile.Click on "Friends" option (under Profile header)
step 3.Click on the pencil icon at the top right corner.Select “Edit privacy” option.Open the drop-down list besides the “Who can see your friends list” option.
Select the option you want In this instance, you can choose "Only Me".The "Only Me" option makes the friend list completely hidden from others.
while The "Friends" option make it visible to your friends only.
By using the "Custom" option, you can set a custom privacy for your friend list.

Once you choose the option, click on "Done" button.

That’s it. You have successfully hidded your friend list

On Mobile Browser

step 1.Login to the facebook account from your mobile phone .
step 2.Click the menu option at the top right.
step 3.Click on the profile
step 4.Click on Friends option.Besides "Friends", you can see the "Public".Click on "Public" option.
step 5.a popup opens. Click on "more".
step 6.click on privacy(or "who should see this ") select "only me" and save it

Now only you can see your friend list
others won't see it.

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