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Have you ever wanted to hold a family meeting or office meeting,then conference call is a good way to connect them. if you want to share information to your office members,then calling each member after the other might be stressful and time consuming. why not just go for conference call and pass the information to them at the same time.

well let me tell you in full what conference call is.
Conference call allows you to add several people in a phone call at the same time which means you can connect more than two people on a call,continue reading to learn how to make conference call on Android phone.

How To Make Conference call on Android Phone
The best way to do a conference call is to use your phone directly,which means you don't need any app for this

step 1 ==> Launch your phone "phone app"(Dailer")

step 2 ==> Enter the number you want to call.Alternatively go to contacts and call the number.

step 3 ==> After the participant has picked the call, tell him to wait or put the call on "hold"

step 4 click on the three dots or the green call button depending on your phone to add another call

step 5 => Enter the second participant phone number and call

step 6 ==> after he has answered your call,click on the "merge" option to put the three of you into a conference call.

step 7. you can add many people/callers by repeating step 3-6.

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