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Google playstore is one of the best store for downloading android Games and Apps, sometimes while downloading or updating an app from playstore,we get some error message with codes such as Google playstore error 927.
I will be given 3 recommended method to fix this  error, so follow the step below to fix playstore error 927.

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3 Ways To Fix Google Playstore Error 927

Try to clear data and cache of playstore,to do that
step 1.Go to Settings app > Apps.
step2.Find and tap "Google Play Store."
Find and tap the following buttons     

Clear Data and
       Clear Cache
after clearing both, try downloading the app again if you still get the error
=> go back to settings >app>playstore> tap on uninstall updates.

Change Internet connection
if you were using Wi-Fi before, switch to mobile data connection,Also if you were using mobile data connection try using Wi-Fi.

remove your Google account  and re-add it.
step 1.Go to Settings app > Accounts > Google.
step 2.Tap on your Google account.
step 3.Tap Overflow menu (three vertical dots) at the top and then tap "Remove account" option.
step 4.In the confirmation popup, tap "Remove Account" option
step 5. reboot your phone and re-add your account
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