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"Startup Programs" are programs that start Automatically when the computer boots up
Too much startup programs can affect the way your computer boot, that's why it is good to take a look at your startup programs and disable the ones you find unnecessary.
In this post, we will see 2 ways to disable startup programs in Windows 10. Let's get started.
Disable Startup Programs in Windows
The first method doesn't require software, while the other require software. Here, we will see both, and you can pick the one you want.
Open Task Manager (one of the way to do it by right-clicking on the "Start" button and then clicking on "Task Manager").
Click on "Start-up" tab. ( if you cannot see any tab in the Task Manager, then click on "More Details"
You will see all the startup programs of your PC now. Go through it. Make sure to check "Start-up impact" column, where you can see the impact of the every startup program on boot time.
Right-click on the program that you want to disable. and Click on "Disable" option.
If The program is disabled, and you will see its status changed from "Enabled" to "Disabled."
Repeat the above  steps to disable all the programs that you want to stop from starting when you boot your pc
How To Enable Startup Programs on Windows
If you want to enable startup programs later, then follow the below steps:
step 1.Go to "Start-up" tab in Task Manager.
step 2.Right-click on the program you want to enable.
Select "Enable" option.
Repeat the above two steps to enable  the programs that you want to enable.
using third-party software
step 1.Download 👇and Install CClearner
step 2.After you installed and opened CCleaner on your PC, click on Tools > Startup.
Now, you can see all your startup programs.
Right-click on the one that you want to disable and then click on "Disable" option.

The program is disabled
Here is an important thing about this software -
You can select all or multiple startup programs and then disable them at once. Here are the steps:
Note: Unfortunately, CCleaner does not show the impact of startup programs on boot time.
To enable program(s), follow the below steps:
Select the program(s) that you want to enable.
Right click on them and then click on "Enable. "
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