Monday, 28 May 2018

How To Open Calculator in Windows 7&10

In Windows 7 and 10, you can open Calculator in many ways.

In this post, we will see 7 different ways to do this task.follow the below steps to learn how to Open Calculator in Windows.

Open Calculator in Windows

Open Start menu, scroll down or type "calc" (without double quote) and you will see calculator, click on it to open calculator.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How To Hide and Show Status Bar of File Explorer in Windows 10

Today I will show you how to show and hide status bar of File Explorer in Windows.

By default, you can see the status bar, follow below steps to Hide Status bar

step 1.Open File Explorer and go to Options

step 2.Click on "View" tab.

step, 3.Find and unselect "Show status bar."

step 4.click on "OK" button at the bottom.

Monday, 21 May 2018

How To Enable Two-step Verification in Whatsapp

Today I will show you how to Enable Two-step Verification in Whatsapp.

 Whatsapp is one of the most common used social media network. In Every place we share Personal information such as Pictures and Videos,where we share messages, then Privacy and Security should be our major concern. The Two-step verification makes your account more secure, so that even if someone has access to your phone, or phone number he can't open your whatsapp to see messages, photos you shared.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

How To Hide Facebook Friend List

By Default, your Facebook friend list is set as public and it can be seen by anyone.

But if you don’t want others to see your Facebook friend list, then you need to hide it from others.

Some people do check other people's profile and go through their friend list abd sometimes these people are not your friends yet on Facebook.

Facebook has provided options to hide your friend list,and it can be done in minutes. I am going to show you to do this task on both the desktop and mobile browsers.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows

"Startup Programs" are programs that start Automatically when the computer boots up
Too much startup programs can affect the way your computer boot, that's why it is good to take a look at your startup programs and disable the ones you find unnecessary.
In this post, we will see 2 ways to disable startup programs in Windows 10. Let's get started.
Disable Startup Programs in Windows
The first method doesn't require software, while the other require software. Here, we will see both, and you can pick the one you want.
Open Task Manager (one of the way to do it by right-clicking on the "Start" button and then clicking on "Task Manager").
Click on "Start-up" tab. ( if you cannot see any tab in the Task Manager, then click on "More Details"
You will see all the startup programs of your PC now. Go through it. Make sure to check "Start-up impact" column, where you can see the impact of the every startup program on boot time.
Right-click on the program that you want to disable. and Click on "Disable" option.
If The program is disabled, and you will see its status changed from "Enabled" to "Disabled."
Repeat the above  steps to disable all the programs that you want to stop from starting when you boot your pc
How To Enable Startup Programs on Windows
If you want to enable startup programs later, then follow the below steps:
step 1.Go to "Start-up" tab in Task Manager.
step 2.Right-click on the program you want to enable.
Select "Enable" option.
Repeat the above two steps to enable  the programs that you want to enable.
using third-party software
step 1.Download 👇and Install CClearner
step 2.After you installed and opened CCleaner on your PC, click on Tools > Startup.
Now, you can see all your startup programs.
Right-click on the one that you want to disable and then click on "Disable" option.

The program is disabled
Here is an important thing about this software -
You can select all or multiple startup programs and then disable them at once. Here are the steps:
Note: Unfortunately, CCleaner does not show the impact of startup programs on boot time.
To enable program(s), follow the below steps:
Select the program(s) that you want to enable.
Right click on them and then click on "Enable. "
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How To Know If your computer has Bluetooth

Have you ever wanted to know if your computer has Bluetooth functionality or not, not all PC has Bluetooth especially the old ones. with this guide you can easily find out. lets go straight to it.
1 -->open 'run Command box'
2 -->Type, "devmgmt.msc" and press Enter
then press "Enter" key.
3 -->.You will see "Device Manager" of your PC. and by default, all the categories are alphabetically listed here.
--> Look for  "Bluetooth"
If you did not find any, then open "Network adapters" category and look for "Bluetooth" entry there.
--> if you see "Bluetooth" in any of the places I mentioned, then your PC has Bluetooth.
==> if you didn't see 'Bluetooth' then your computer don't have Bluetooth.
in my next post I will teach you how to add Bluetooth to your Computer.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How To Add Website Shortcut To Android Phone

follow  our step-by-step guide to learn how to add website shortcut on Android  phone.
You can add any website shortcut to your Android Home screen, it is a simple task.
in this post we will see how to do this on various Android browser such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
How to Add website shortcut on Android phone
color="red"> Chrome
To add website shortcut on chrome browser
>>Open Chrome.
>> open the website you want to add shortcut to
>>Tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top.
>>Find "Add to Home screen" option and tap on it

>> on the popup screen,edit the name of the shortcut you want and tap on "Add"
Now you can see the shortcut of the app on your Homescreen
 you can also to open bookmarks from your home screen,
follow this method
Go to the Widgets (hold the blank area on the home screen to see this option). Find "Chrome bookmarks" widget. Drag and drop it to the home screen.
Now, you can see the bookmark folder on the Homescreen.
2 Edge
==>Open the website on Edge browser
==>Tap three horizontal dots at the bottom right of the screen.
==>Tap "Add to Home screen."
==>In the popup screen , change the name of the shortcut if you wish and then tap "Add."
==> Open Firefox app.
==>Tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top.
==> Select Page > Add Page Shortcut
Open the website in Firefox app for Android.
Long press the Address Bar.
Tap "Add Page Shortcut."
That is all! you should now have a shortcut of the webpage on your Android Homescreen
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How To Fix Google Playstore Error 927

Google playstore is one of the best store for downloading android Games and Apps, sometimes while downloading or updating an app from playstore,we get some error message with codes such as Google playstore error 927.
I will be given 3 recommended method to fix this  error, so follow the step below to fix playstore error 927.

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3 Ways To Fix Google Playstore Error 927

Try to clear data and cache of playstore,to do that
step 1.Go to Settings app > Apps.
step2.Find and tap "Google Play Store."
Find and tap the following buttons     

Clear Data and
       Clear Cache
after clearing both, try downloading the app again if you still get the error
=> go back to settings >app>playstore> tap on uninstall updates.

Change Internet connection
if you were using Wi-Fi before, switch to mobile data connection,Also if you were using mobile data connection try using Wi-Fi.

remove your Google account  and re-add it.
step 1.Go to Settings app > Accounts > Google.
step 2.Tap on your Google account.
step 3.Tap Overflow menu (three vertical dots) at the top and then tap "Remove account" option.
step 4.In the confirmation popup, tap "Remove Account" option
step 5. reboot your phone and re-add your account
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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

How To Open Wordpad in windows 10

Today you will learn various ways to open wordpad in windows.

7 ways To open WordPad in Windows

Open Run Command Box.

Type "write" (without double quotes) and then hit "Enter" key.

2Open Command Prompt.

Type "write" (without double quotes) and then hit "Enter."

3 Open Start Menu and then type "wordpad" (without double quotes) click "wordpad" from the search result.

4.Open PowerShell.

Type "start write" (without double quotes) and then press "Enter" key

5. Open Task Manager.
Click File > Run new task.

In the Create new task box, type "write" (without double quotes) and then press= "Enter."

6Open the File Explorer.

In the Address Bar, type "write" (without double quotes) and then press Enter

7.Open Start Menu,
 find and click "Windows Accessories" folder. inside the folder you will see "WordPad"

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Saturday, 12 May 2018

How To Make Conference Call on Android Phone

Have you ever wanted to hold a family meeting or office meeting,then conference call is a good way to connect them. if you want to share information to your office members,then calling each member after the other might be stressful and time consuming. why not just go for conference call and pass the information to them at the same time.

well let me tell you in full what conference call is.
Conference call allows you to add several people in a phone call at the same time which means you can connect more than two people on a call,continue reading to learn how to make conference call on Android phone.

How To Make Conference call on Android Phone
The best way to do a conference call is to use your phone directly,which means you don't need any app for this

step 1 ==> Launch your phone "phone app"(Dailer")

step 2 ==> Enter the number you want to call.Alternatively go to contacts and call the number.

step 3 ==> After the participant has picked the call, tell him to wait or put the call on "hold"

step 4 click on the three dots or the green call button depending on your phone to add another call

step 5 => Enter the second participant phone number and call

step 6 ==> after he has answered your call,click on the "merge" option to put the three of you into a conference call.

step 7. you can add many people/callers by repeating step 3-6.

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Thursday, 10 May 2018

How To Backup Text Messages on Android Phone

In this post, we will learn how to backup text messages on Android

Everyday we receive lots of messages on our phone, important and useless messages., and SMS storage do full,when trying to delect some messages, you might end up delecting important ones, Also you might be changing phone and afraid of losing text messages,but if you have a backup of your text messages, then you don't have to worry about losing text messages. That's why backup is very important.

Backup Text Messages on Android Using SMS Backup & Restore

step 1.Download and Install SMS Backup & Restore app
step 2.Click on "Get Started" button, and Provide permissions for the app.

step 3.Now, on the main screen. Click on "Set Up A Backup" button.

step 4.now you can choose what to backup. You will be provided with two options
- one is to backup messages, and
- to backup call log.

Leave "Messages" option intact and turned off "Phone calls" option.

step 5.Click on "Advanced Options."

Here, you can choose what to include in the backup. If you want to backup MMS, turn on their options.

By default, All messages are backed up. If you prefer, you can backup selected conversations only. To do so, click on "Selected conversations only."

step 6.Now, you should be on the screen where you can select the messages that you want to include in the backup.

After you selected messages, click on the "Back" button, and you will be in the "Set Up Backup" screen. Click on "Next" option.

step7.You can see the backup storage options now. The options are
- Google Drive,
and Your phone.

step 8. Configure the other options available there if you wish.

step 9.Click on "Test" at the bottom to confirm everything is correctly set up. Click on "Save" and then "Yes" on the confirmation popup.

step 10.Now, select the storage options

Click "Next."

In the next screen, you can see the options to schedule recurring backups. You can turn off the recurring backups, or you can set up it as per your wish.

If you wish, click on "Advanced Options" and set up the options available there.

Click on "Back Up Now" at the bottom.

That is all. The app will backup your text messages and store it on your phone

Keep in mind that backup file is a single file in XML format.

To view backups, tap on Hamburger icon (three vertical lines) > View backups. Now, you can see your backups. Tap on the backup you prefer, and you can look at the conversations in that backup. Tap on the conversation you prefer, and you can see the messages in it.

You can also see the backups in storage Drive. If you open it, you can see the backup in XML format.

How To Restore Text Messages on Android Phone

in case you want to restore the Text Messages you backup to Android, follow the below steps:

step 1.Tap on Hamburger icon (three vertical lines) > Restore.

step 2.Now, in the "Restore Backup" screen. There, you are asked to select the location you backup the file to or from where you want to restore.

step 3.Now, you can see the "Messages" option, by default the most recent backup is selected,
=>If you want to restore a different backup, click on "Select Another Backup" and choose the one you prefer.

step 4.optionally you can click on "Advanced Options" and configure the options available there

step 5.Tap on "Restore."

step 6. you will see a popup asking you to set "SMS Backup & Restore" as default SMS app for the restoration process. Tap "OK" on the popup.

step 7.The app will begin the restoration process, and you will be notified once the restoration is done.

After the restoration, the app will show two popups which ask you to set your previous messaging app as default SMS app and told what to do when your messaging app stops responding after restoration.

Once it is done, you can see the restored messages on your Android device.

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

How To Open Computer Management in Windows 7&10

There are different method to open computer management in windows, maybe you know only one or two methods, then you can read this post to learn more method.
let me go straight to it

8 ways to open Computer Management in Windows
Right-click on Start button and then select "Computer Management."

Open Run Command (To open, press Windows key + R)
Type "compmgmt.msc" (without double quotes) and then press "Enter."

Open Start Menu find and click "Windows Administrative Tools" folder.

Now, you can see "Computer Management."

Open Start Menu and then type "computer" (without double quotes).
Now, you can see "Computer Management." Click on it.

5 open File Explorer, in the address bar type "compmgmt.msc" (without double quotes) and then press "Enter."

6 Open Task Manager.
Click File ,Run new task.Type "compmgmt.msc" (without double quotes) in the "Create new task" box and then press "Enter."

7.Open Command Prompt. Type "compmgmt" (without double quotes) and then hit "Enter" key.

8. Launch PowerShell. Type "compmgmt" (without double quotes) and then hit "Enter."

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