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Facebook,one Of The Largest social media has put in place different measures to protect users account but still frauders try to get access to users account.

Everyday, People are trying to get access to users account to steal personal information,deactivating peoples account and even hacking the account.These issues makes facebook and even your account is no longer safe and secured.

Many people are search for how to recover hacked facebook account,but i will tell you stop wasting your on that and learn how to protect your accout so that these hackers can't get access to your account. prevention is better than cure. Today i will be given you various ways to protect your account.

8 Ways to protect your facebook account.

1 Use strong Password

The first step towards securing your account is using a strong password people can't guess , also discourage the use of your name as password because your friends trying to log in your account can try using name as the password. There are free password generator you could use. below are two password

John - weak
John@21 - strong

The first password is not good while the second password is good. use alphabet,numbers and special character on your password.

2 Always logout your Account from any device

Sometimes we do use our friends phone to log in our facebook account and we don't bother to log out, but do you know these your friends can access your account. Thats Why any time you log in your account on your friends phone, when you are done you should log out.

Even if you forgot to logout you can read this guide on how to remotely logout your facebook account from any device

3 Revoke third-party app access to your account

There might be website/app you gave permission to your account. it is time you revoke those access you gave them to your account in other to protect your facebook account.

4 Don't share your login details with anybody

while this might sound crazy,there are many people who share their facebook login details(email and username) with others. don't trust any website asking for this details

regular changd of password

don't use a password for a long time, you should always change your password atleast every 2-4 weeks. this will help protect your account from those that know your password.


you just got a friend request and you immediately accept because you need more friends, you don't bother to know who that person is, Is He a Genuie friend or just trying to do something to you? here are some tips to identify real friends

when you got a friend request try to look out for mutual friends.

there are times you don't have mutual friends with the person. then try to ask friends if they know That person.

although this isn't necessary, but you can still check his profile to know if the profile is real because scammers do create a profile and send it to a victim as friend request.

7 Is That Page Really Facebook

You might be little confused on this, you are on facebook and someone is telling you if that is really facebook, but let me tell you people have go ahead creating duplicate of facebook login page, send it to victims and when you log in you will be redirected to the real facebook page and their login detail will be captured by the fake page.

Anytime you click on a link and it takes you to facebook login page,check if that is real facebook, you don't need to be an internet guru to identify it just check the current page address, you might be surprise to find out that it is not facebook.com/....

8. Stop Using Autolikes Generator

Everybody Wants To get lots of likes on their post, picture some go ahead registering in autolikes website and you give them your details. Yes you will get hundreds of likes but do you know your account is no longer,secure again. Then stop Using Autolikes Website in other to protect your facebook account.

After Reading this post, i am sure you won't go to Google search for how to recover hacked facebook account.

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