Friday, 6 April 2018

Home Ways to open Task Manager in Windows

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Today I will show you different ways to open Task mangager in windows. most people don't know there are different method to open Task manager in windows. i will be given you ten different ways to open task manager.

Different ways to open task manager in windows

1 Right click on the blank area of taskbar and select "Task Manager".

2 open command prompt and type "taskmgr" (without quote) and press "Enter" key to open task manager

3 open start menu, find and open "windows system", inside the folder you will see Task manager under 'Run'

4Press ctrl+shift+Escape keys to open Task manager

5right-click on start button (or press windows key+X) to open 'power user menu' then you will see 'Task manager' click on it.

6 Press Alt+ctrl+delete It Will Bring up a windows security screen click on "Task manager"

7 press windows key+E and it will open up file explorer. in the address bar type "taskmgr" (without quote) and press enter

8open Run Command box type "taskmgr" and press ENTER

9 Go to c:>windows>system 32 folder. find and double click on "task manager"

10 open Run Command, Type "control and press ENTER key it will open control panel. now, in the search box at the top write "task" in the search result, find and click on "task Manager".

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feel free to add any other method you know.

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