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When you bought your Android phone, you will notice it is fast, but over the time, you will notice it becomes slow as the phone get's old. we are providing few tips to help make your Android Device faster.

If the apps on your Device take longer time to open or delay while switching between screens then your phone is slow.some people even go ahead selling the phone because it is slow. i have provided some reason and cause of slowness of Android device and solution to fix them. Follow the below steps below to fix slow Android device.

How To Make Your Android Device Faster

Close All Open Apps

Having multiple apps on your Android device can cause it to slow. when you notice slowness in your device simply close apps you are no longer using, to do that
tap on the Task button,which is found at the buttom of your Android device. All recently used apps will show, you can tap on close all below or tap on the X button located near the app.

Restart your Android Device

sometimes your android phone might be stuck in a process and causes slowness on your device.
1. switch off your phone
2. wait for 30 seconds and then switch on your phone.
Doing this will stop processes, and also refreshes the phone.

clear cached Data

if you haven't cleared cached data on your android device for a long time, there might be alot of corrupted or outdated cached data on your device. Follow these steps to clear cached data on your device

step 1. go to settings >storage
step 2. on storage screen tap on "cached data"
step 3. tap on delect to delect all cached data.

Disable Live Wallpaper

while live or animated wallpaper looks cool on our device, these wallpaper end up slowing our device. it is better to switch to a static wallpaper
Tap on settings > go to wallpaper
choose a static wallpaper or any photo.

Disable widgets

if you have various widget on your device,then remove them, widgets like weather,news are running in real time and slow your device.
you can remove widgets by pressing&holding the widget until you see the "REMOVE" option, just drag the widget to the "Remove option".

OutDated Software

Update to the latest version of Android.

Newer versions of android are likely to have many improvement,fixes to improve and enhance your device, so make sure your Android device is running the latest version.

step 1. Go to settings
step 2. scroll down an tap on "About Device"
step 3. tap on software update
step 4. on the next screen, tap on update now.
step 5. your device will check for latest software updates available for your device.

Delect Unwanted Apps

over a period of time, you will have installed alot of Apps on your deve and you wont be using some of these apps. These unused apps are using resources on your Android Device and making it slow. follow these steps to delect unwanted apps

step 1. Go to settings>apps
step 2. on application manager, take a look at all your apps and tap on any app you are no longer using.
step 3.on the next screen,tap on uninstall to delect the app.

Clear Up Device Storage

When your device storage gets full, your phone start to slow,so delect unwanted photos,videos and music you are no longer using.

Restore your Android Phone

restoring the default setting on your device will erase all your data and refreshes your phone. But don't go ahead restoring your phone because it is slow,
This should be the last method you show use, but first try the above method. and if you think you tried the above methods and your phone is still slow then go ahead and restore your phone.

The above methods will improve the performance of your device and make it faster.

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