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Today,i will show you how to manualy check for software update on Android Phone.It is very important you update software on your Android phone as this will cause smooth running of your device because newer version of software have bug fixes. if you are running the old version of software then you need to update it.

There are many updates on android phone which include: operating system update,Application software update, outdated software causes your phone not to perform well.

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Periodicaly, Google brings upgrade on os and send notification of a new software update, any time you turn your data or wifi (turn on your phone), you will be notified of this update.

Unlike App Update, Os Updatediffers from everybody,it deals with the compatibility of your hardware, which means you won't get software update at the sametime with everybody

when a software update is released to your phone,you will be notified, but you won't see the notification for more than 10 days
But you can manually check for software update on your Android Or Tablet.

step 1. Go To Settings on your phone
step 2. scroll down and tap on About phone
step 3. Tap on system update
step 4. Select check for update
step 5. if there is any update available then tap on install now

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How To Check For App Update On Android Phone.
Whenan app is outdated the app won't perform well or you can't use the app until you update the app. unlike software update, app update is the same for everybody.

step 1. Open Your playstore app
step 2. swipe your screen from left to right or tap the three horizontal line at the top
step 3. Tap on "my games and app"
step 4. List Of your installed apps will show and if there is any update it will show beside the app
step 5. Tap on "update" and it will download and install the latest version of the app

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