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The default position of the taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen, But if you wish you can change the position of the taskbar to the top,left or right of your screen.

There are 2 methods to do this,and you can choose from any method.

How To Lock And Unlock Taskar In Windows
By default,the taskbar is locked,which means you can't resize or change its position so you need to unlock it before changing the position.

How to unlock taskbar
step 1. Right-click on the empty area of Taskbar
step 2. uncheck "lock the taskbar" option to unlock the taskbar
How to lock the taskar
==> right click on the empty area and check the option "Lock taskbar"

Change Taskbar position in windows 10
step 1. unlock the taskbar
step 2. now drag the taskbar and place it to your desired position (top,right or left)
step 3. lock the taskbar

if you want to take back the taskbar to its default position
=> unlock the taskbar,drag and drop it to the bottom and lock the taskbar if you wish.



step 1. Press Windows + R, and it will open Run Command Box.
step 2. Type the command "ms-
settings:taskbar" (without double quotes) and then press "Enter" key
step 3. Find "Taskbar location on
screen." Open the drop-down list beneath it.
step 4. Choose the location you want from the drop-down list. I am choosing "Top." and click on top
step 5.That's all. The Taskbar wil be moved to the top.

If you want to take the Taskbar to
its default position,
follow the above step 1-4
open the drop-down list beneath
"Taskbar location on screen."
Now, choose "Bottom." and save thats all

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