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Today you will learn how to find apps that are draining your battery life on Your phone.
If your Android phone is losing battery faster, then it is importnt to know why your phone is losing  battery life always

Although android phone performs various functions which makes it consume battery but sometimes there are apps that are using large percent of your battery,thereby making your phone run out of battery.Also you will notice that even if youvare not using your phone,the battery keep reducing,this is as as a result of some apps using large percent of batter.

Follow these steps to find battery draining apps on Android phone

 Find fast draining android apps
step 1. go to settings
step 2. under "Device" locate "Battery" and tap it
step 3.On the Battery screen you will see list of apps he amount of battery (in percentage) used by Apps, Systems and the hardware of your Android Phone, since the last full charge

How to reduce battery usage by apps on Android phone

after finding apps that are consuming battery,the next step to take is to reduce the battery usage by the app
==>After finding the app on the battery screen,tap on any app you are no longer using or you dont wan't and click remove
Also if you found out that an app uses high percent of your battery then you can tell your friends that uses your phone to stop opening those apps.
Also disable apps that are running on background

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