Friday, 27 April 2018

How To Find Fast Battery Draining Android Apps

Today you will learn how to find apps that are draining your battery life on Your phone.
If your Android phone is losing battery faster, then it is importnt to know why your phone is losing  battery life always

Although android phone performs various functions which makes it consume battery but sometimes there are apps that are using large percent of your battery,thereby making your phone run out of battery.Also you will notice that even if youvare not using your phone,the battery keep reducing,this is as as a result of some apps using large percent of batter.

Follow these steps to find battery draining apps on Android phone

 Find fast draining android apps
step 1. go to settings
step 2. under "Device" locate "Battery" and tap it
step 3.On the Battery screen you will see list of apps he amount of battery (in percentage) used by Apps, Systems and the hardware of your Android Phone, since the last full charge

How to reduce battery usage by apps on Android phone

after finding apps that are consuming battery,the next step to take is to reduce the battery usage by the app
==>After finding the app on the battery screen,tap on any app you are no longer using or you dont wan't and click remove
Also if you found out that an app uses high percent of your battery then you can tell your friends that uses your phone to stop opening those apps.
Also disable apps that are running on background

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Monday, 23 April 2018

How To Add Ambient Display To Android Phone

The Ambient Display is a feature that was introduced on Android Lollipop. it allow users to read notification without unlocking your phone i.e you can read notification on locked screen.

When new notification arrive, the screen will light up and wake the phone when it is picked up. you can add this ambient display to any android phone just follow below method.

How To Enable Ambient Display On Android Lollipop
you can easily enable this feature on android lollipop
> go to settings
> display
> locate ambient display and enable it.

How To Add Ambient Display On Any Android Device

Although This feature was introduced on lollipop,you can still get this feature on Any Android Phone With the help of an app

1. Download And Install ACDISPLAY
2. Open the apk, and tap on the icon to turn it on
3. Allow Required Permissions For the app
That's All, now you have the ambient feature on your device

how to check for software update on android phone

here are some tips on using the app
By default, it willl display only apps
downloaded users. If you want it
to display System apps, then click
the menu and enable System apps.

You can tap on any app and you will see three options
. hide = notification from that app won't be displayed
. silent = screen won't wake on apps that are on silent
. non-clearable notifies

see also: how to make your android faster

Active Mode

This mode wakes the device when you pick up the phone. It uses the device's sensor to achieve this.

To disable Active mode when there is no notification:
Tap on Active mode.
Uncheck "Enable when there
are no notifications" option.

It also have the option of
. Lockscreen
. inactive hours

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Friday, 20 April 2018

How To Check RAM Size on Android Phone

Before I proceed, let me tell you what a RAM is, The Random Access Memory Is that part of an operating system(os) where application programme and data which are currently being used are stored..

The Random Access Memory Cannot store parmanent data, it only store's data which are being used at a time,and when it feed up it refresh and looses those data, the RAM is similar to Human short term memory.

It is important you check RAM size before buying an Android Phone As the RAM size will determine how fast your device will be.Every Android Phone Has a RAM size allocated to it, unlike computer,where you can change or add a RAM,in android phone you can't change your device RAM.Thats why it is good to check a device RAM size before purchasing an Android Phone.


There Are various ways to check the size of your RAM on your Android device.here is the first method
step 1. Go To settings on your device.
step 2. under "Device" click on "Apps"
step 3.Tap on Application Manager.
step 4. swipe from left to right untill you see Running apps
scroll to the buttom,you will see the size of your RAM along with used and free RAM.


you can also check your phone RAM SIZE using an app, first download and install NOTISYSINFO, > open the app,
Turn The App On,and scroll down you will see your device used and RAM Size

Alternatively, You can do a google search about your device, just go to google.com in the search box write your phone product and spec. e.g itel it508 and you will see your phone full specification, check for RAM size.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

How To Check For Software Update On Android Phone

Today,i will show you how to manualy check for software update on Android Phone.It is very important you update software on your Android phone as this will cause smooth running of your device because newer version of software have bug fixes. if you are running the old version of software then you need to update it.

There are many updates on android phone which include: operating system update,Application software update, outdated software causes your phone not to perform well.

how to stop playstore from automaticaly updating apps

Periodicaly, Google brings upgrade on os and send notification of a new software update, any time you turn your data or wifi (turn on your phone), you will be notified of this update.

Unlike App Update, Os Updatediffers from everybody,it deals with the compatibility of your hardware, which means you won't get software update at the sametime with everybody

when a software update is released to your phone,you will be notified, but you won't see the notification for more than 10 days
But you can manually check for software update on your Android Or Tablet.

step 1. Go To Settings on your phone
step 2. scroll down and tap on About phone
step 3. Tap on system update
step 4. Select check for update
step 5. if there is any update available then tap on install now

how to fix download pending status on google playstore

How To Check For App Update On Android Phone.
Whenan app is outdated the app won't perform well or you can't use the app until you update the app. unlike software update, app update is the same for everybody.

step 1. Open Your playstore app
step 2. swipe your screen from left to right or tap the three horizontal line at the top
step 3. Tap on "my games and app"
step 4. List Of your installed apps will show and if there is any update it will show beside the app
step 5. Tap on "update" and it will download and install the latest version of the app

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

How to add Online Love Meter Calculator to Wapka site

Today, i will show you how to add online love meter calculator to your wapka site.
The love meter is a wonderful tool which help users calculate percentage of love among lovers.Although the tool isn't accurate but it is usefull.
This Tool Will keep users engaged to your site which will increase your site traffic

How To Add Love Meter To Your Wapka Site.

how to add calender to wapka site

Login in to your wapka site, select any page or create a new page, click on edit site, copy and paste below code via xml/html section

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

How To Open Settings In Windows 10

There are various method to open settings in windows 10. may be you only 1 or 2 methods, here i will be given you seven ways to open settings in windows, some method are shorter and quicker.

How To Open Settings in Windows

1 Launch run, Type "ms-settings" (without double quotes) and press the 'Enter' key.

2 press windows key + I it will open up settings

3 open file Explorer, in the Address bar type 4 Press windows key + X to open power user menu, select settings

5 Open Start Menu, Scroll down and select settings

6 Go to command prompt, type start ms-settings and press "ENTER"

7 Go to Task Manager, Run new task,in the box type "ms-settings"

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Monday, 9 April 2018

8 Ways to Secure Facebook Account

Facebook,one Of The Largest social media has put in place different measures to protect users account but still frauders try to get access to users account.

Everyday, People are trying to get access to users account to steal personal information,deactivating peoples account and even hacking the account.These issues makes facebook and even your account is no longer safe and secured.

Many people are search for how to recover hacked facebook account,but i will tell you stop wasting your on that and learn how to protect your accout so that these hackers can't get access to your account. prevention is better than cure. Today i will be given you various ways to protect your account.

8 Ways to protect your facebook account.

1 Use strong Password

The first step towards securing your account is using a strong password people can't guess , also discourage the use of your name as password because your friends trying to log in your account can try using name as the password. There are free password generator you could use. below are two password

John - weak
John@21 - strong

The first password is not good while the second password is good. use alphabet,numbers and special character on your password.

2 Always logout your Account from any device

Sometimes we do use our friends phone to log in our facebook account and we don't bother to log out, but do you know these your friends can access your account. Thats Why any time you log in your account on your friends phone, when you are done you should log out.

Even if you forgot to logout you can read this guide on how to remotely logout your facebook account from any device

3 Revoke third-party app access to your account

There might be website/app you gave permission to your account. it is time you revoke those access you gave them to your account in other to protect your facebook account.

4 Don't share your login details with anybody

while this might sound crazy,there are many people who share their facebook login details(email and username) with others. don't trust any website asking for this details

regular changd of password

don't use a password for a long time, you should always change your password atleast every 2-4 weeks. this will help protect your account from those that know your password.


you just got a friend request and you immediately accept because you need more friends, you don't bother to know who that person is, Is He a Genuie friend or just trying to do something to you? here are some tips to identify real friends

when you got a friend request try to look out for mutual friends.

there are times you don't have mutual friends with the person. then try to ask friends if they know That person.

although this isn't necessary, but you can still check his profile to know if the profile is real because scammers do create a profile and send it to a victim as friend request.

7 Is That Page Really Facebook

You might be little confused on this, you are on facebook and someone is telling you if that is really facebook, but let me tell you people have go ahead creating duplicate of facebook login page, send it to victims and when you log in you will be redirected to the real facebook page and their login detail will be captured by the fake page.

Anytime you click on a link and it takes you to facebook login page,check if that is real facebook, you don't need to be an internet guru to identify it just check the current page address, you might be surprise to find out that it is not facebook.com/....

8. Stop Using Autolikes Generator

Everybody Wants To get lots of likes on their post, picture some go ahead registering in autolikes website and you give them your details. Yes you will get hundreds of likes but do you know your account is no longer,secure again. Then stop Using Autolikes Website in other to protect your facebook account.

After Reading this post, i am sure you won't go to Google search for how to recover hacked facebook account.

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Sunday, 8 April 2018

How to Fix bx_oro0zn error when uploading theme in Blogger

Today I will be written on bx error when uploading theme on blogger.
sometimes people face alot of bx errors while uploading theme in blogger of which is the bx error.and most times you don't know the causes of these bx error, a good example is bx_oro0zn error,

Many webmasters has tried sendind feedback to blogger and they will tell you bx_ error are temperary, but i face the error for more than 2 months.they suggest solution like;

- clear your browser cache
- turn off safemode
- use another browser

but i tried all the above method and it still didn't work. before i proceed let me tell you my own experience on bx_oro0zn error while uploading theme in blogger.

I was using the default theme provided by blogger, i needed to do some customization so i took a backup of my theme and save it on my phone, i edited the theme, made some changes and when i wanted to uploaded it i got


i followed the solution they gave me and uploaded it again and i got another bx_3mg2x errox, i ask other people using blogger to know if they too are getting the error, but Not everybody are getting the error,

i started thinking on my own,creating possible reasons for this bx error, I tried some tips and successfuly i was able to upload theme in blogger without getting any bx error and i came to a conclusion on possible reasons for getting bx_oro0zn error when uploading theme

-- corrupted or bad theme/templete
-- uploading some themes when using show mobile theme on mobile theme option.

How to stop getting bx_oro0zn and other bx error when uploading theme in blogger

Test theme before uploading
bx_oro0zn error and other bx error are caused by corrupted theme,wrong html synthax, so it is a good idea to test your theme before uploading it.

There are various android app you can use to test and check error on your theme e.g Notepad, xml editor and even your Google chrome browser, yes you can use chrome to test your blogger theme, these doesn't require data connection just follow these step

1. save your theme to a folder you can easily access
2. write down the theme location from your file manager.
3. locate the theme, at the top you will see a navigation from file manager to the theme write it down.

example: the name of my theme is bloggertheme.xml in the folder "download" from the file manager it is located in


step 4. open your chrome browser
step 5. in the address bar write
file:/// then your theme location
step 6. load it, it will show you a preview of the theme and if there is any error it will show it at the top

correct any error and upload the theme again, you won't get any bx_oro0zn error again

1.make sure your theme don't have errors
2. if are not sure on how to fix the error on the theme, try getting the origimal theme if you are use custom theme.

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Friday, 6 April 2018

Ways to open Task Manager in Windows

Today I will show you different ways to open Task mangager in windows. most people don't know there are different method to open Task manager in windows. i will be given you ten different ways to open task manager.

Different ways to open task manager in windows

1 Right click on the blank area of taskbar and select "Task Manager".

2 open command prompt and type "taskmgr" (without quote) and press "Enter" key to open task manager

3 open start menu, find and open "windows system", inside the folder you will see Task manager under 'Run'

4Press ctrl+shift+Escape keys to open Task manager

5right-click on start button (or press windows key+X) to open 'power user menu' then you will see 'Task manager' click on it.

6 Press Alt+ctrl+delete It Will Bring up a windows security screen click on "Task manager"

7 press windows key+E and it will open up file explorer. in the address bar type "taskmgr" (without quote) and press enter

8open Run Command box type "taskmgr" and press ENTER

9 Go to c:>windows>system 32 folder. find and double click on "task manager"

10 open Run Command, Type "control and press ENTER key it will open control panel. now, in the search box at the top write "task" in the search result, find and click on "task Manager".

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

How to Change Taskbar Position in Windows 10

The default position of the taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen, But if you wish you can change the position of the taskbar to the top,left or right of your screen.

There are 2 methods to do this,and you can choose from any method.

How To Lock And Unlock Taskar In Windows
By default,the taskbar is locked,which means you can't resize or change its position so you need to unlock it before changing the position.

How to unlock taskbar
step 1. Right-click on the empty area of Taskbar
step 2. uncheck "lock the taskbar" option to unlock the taskbar
How to lock the taskar
==> right click on the empty area and check the option "Lock taskbar"

Change Taskbar position in windows 10
step 1. unlock the taskbar
step 2. now drag the taskbar and place it to your desired position (top,right or left)
step 3. lock the taskbar

if you want to take back the taskbar to its default position
=> unlock the taskbar,drag and drop it to the bottom and lock the taskbar if you wish.



step 1. Press Windows + R, and it will open Run Command Box.
step 2. Type the command "ms-
settings:taskbar" (without double quotes) and then press "Enter" key
step 3. Find "Taskbar location on
screen." Open the drop-down list beneath it.
step 4. Choose the location you want from the drop-down list. I am choosing "Top." and click on top
step 5.That's all. The Taskbar wil be moved to the top.

If you want to take the Taskbar to
its default position,
follow the above step 1-4
open the drop-down list beneath
"Taskbar location on screen."
Now, choose "Bottom." and save thats all

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Sunday, 1 April 2018

How To Fix Slow Android Phone

When you bought your Android phone, you will notice it is fast, but over the time, you will notice it becomes slow as the phone get's old. we are providing few tips to help make your Android Device faster.

If the apps on your Device take longer time to open or delay while switching between screens then your phone is slow.some people even go ahead selling the phone because it is slow. i have provided some reason and cause of slowness of Android device and solution to fix them. Follow the below steps below to fix slow Android device.

How To Make Your Android Device Faster

Close All Open Apps

Having multiple apps on your Android device can cause it to slow. when you notice slowness in your device simply close apps you are no longer using, to do that
tap on the Task button,which is found at the buttom of your Android device. All recently used apps will show, you can tap on close all below or tap on the X button located near the app.

Restart your Android Device

sometimes your android phone might be stuck in a process and causes slowness on your device.
1. switch off your phone
2. wait for 30 seconds and then switch on your phone.
Doing this will stop processes, and also refreshes the phone.

clear cached Data

if you haven't cleared cached data on your android device for a long time, there might be alot of corrupted or outdated cached data on your device. Follow these steps to clear cached data on your device

step 1. go to settings >storage
step 2. on storage screen tap on "cached data"
step 3. tap on delect to delect all cached data.

Disable Live Wallpaper

while live or animated wallpaper looks cool on our device, these wallpaper end up slowing our device. it is better to switch to a static wallpaper
Tap on settings > go to wallpaper
choose a static wallpaper or any photo.

Disable widgets

if you have various widget on your device,then remove them, widgets like weather,news are running in real time and slow your device.
you can remove widgets by pressing&holding the widget until you see the "REMOVE" option, just drag the widget to the "Remove option".

OutDated Software

Update to the latest version of Android.

Newer versions of android are likely to have many improvement,fixes to improve and enhance your device, so make sure your Android device is running the latest version.

step 1. Go to settings
step 2. scroll down an tap on "About Device"
step 3. tap on software update
step 4. on the next screen, tap on update now.
step 5. your device will check for latest software updates available for your device.

Delect Unwanted Apps

over a period of time, you will have installed alot of Apps on your deve and you wont be using some of these apps. These unused apps are using resources on your Android Device and making it slow. follow these steps to delect unwanted apps

step 1. Go to settings>apps
step 2. on application manager, take a look at all your apps and tap on any app you are no longer using.
step 3.on the next screen,tap on uninstall to delect the app.

Clear Up Device Storage

When your device storage gets full, your phone start to slow,so delect unwanted photos,videos and music you are no longer using.

Restore your Android Phone

restoring the default setting on your device will erase all your data and refreshes your phone. But don't go ahead restoring your phone because it is slow,
This should be the last method you show use, but first try the above method. and if you think you tried the above methods and your phone is still slow then go ahead and restore your phone.

The above methods will improve the performance of your device and make it faster.

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