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Everyday,when we talk of security, privacy comes first. It is very important tn protect aod secure your facebook account. follow our step-by-guide to learn how to revoke third-party app access to your facebook account.
Before i proceed let me explain what is third party app in facebook.

When you visit some website and you are asked to sign up or login, most website provide the option to sign or log in using your social media account (e.g facebook) or gmail account.
you might think creating a new account or log in is a wasting of time and you are in a hurry so you just click the option to laog in/sign up using your facebook account since that is easy. These website are refarred to as third party(or third-party app).

These Website can access your account, and Most internet users don't even bother to read the terms and condition they just go ahead and log in with their facebook account, They don't bother to know what these website uses their account for.

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These website can access your account and even collects information. even if these website don't use your information negatively, it is still good to protect your privacy.

I won't say you should stop using your facebook account to log into some website, but i would advice you when you are done with what you are doing,quickly revoke/stop the access you gave them to your account.

How To Stop Third-party App From Accessing Your Facebook Account
On Your Mobile Device
Step 1. go to facebook.com and log into your account
step 2. scroll down and click on "settings&privacy"
step 3. click on "apps"
step 4. under "apps and website" click on "logged in with facebook
step 5. you will see all the websites and apps you log in with your facebook account
step 6. Tap on any app/website to see information you gave the website,
step 7. scroll down and click "remove app"

on computer
step 1. Log on to your Facebook.
step 2. Click the drop-down arrow then select "Account
3. Select "Apps" on the left
4. Scan the list and click the
"x" on the right of any app you
want to clear. the permissions
you gave them will be revoked.

followin the above steps,you will be able to revoke/cancel the permission you gave to third party websites/app to access your account.
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