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By default, most file extension are hidden in windows 10. only few extensions like .cpl and .mui are shown by default.
But if you wish, you can show and hide file extension on windows 10 at anytime.

i will be given 2 methods to do this, you can choose any method.

show file extension in windows 10
1. Method One

step 1.Press Windows + E, and it will open up "File Explorer" on your computer.
step 2. Click on "View" tab in Ribbon
step 3. check "File name
and save it, after that file extension will show on any file

how to hide file extension on windows 10
to hide file extension
Open "File Explorer."
Go to "View" tab.
Find and uncheck "File name

2. Method Two

step 1.On Your pc keyboard, Press Windows + R, and it will open up "Run Command Box."
step 2.Type the command "control folders" (without quotes) and then press Enter
step 3. It will open up File Explorer Options.
step 4. Navigate to the "View" tab.
step 5. Find "Hide
extensions for known file types and uncheck it
step 6. Click on "OK" button.

To Find file extension using this method
Go to 'View' tab of "File Explorer Options."
Find and check "Hide extensions for known file types."
Click "OK" button at the bottom.

with the above method you can show and hide file extension at any time.

i hope you found this post useful and easy share to friends.

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