Friday, 30 March 2018

How to Revoke Third-party App Access to your Facebook Account

Everyday,when we talk of security, privacy comes first. It is very important tn protect aod secure your facebook account. follow our step-by-guide to learn how to revoke third-party app access to your facebook account.
Before i proceed let me explain what is third party app in facebook.

When you visit some website and you are asked to sign up or login, most website provide the option to sign or log in using your social media account (e.g facebook) or gmail account.
you might think creating a new account or log in is a wasting of time and you are in a hurry so you just click the option to laog in/sign up using your facebook account since that is easy. These website are refarred to as third party(or third-party app).

These Website can access your account, and Most internet users don't even bother to read the terms and condition they just go ahead and log in with their facebook account, They don't bother to know what these website uses their account for.

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These website can access your account and even collects information. even if these website don't use your information negatively, it is still good to protect your privacy.

I won't say you should stop using your facebook account to log into some website, but i would advice you when you are done with what you are doing,quickly revoke/stop the access you gave them to your account.

How To Stop Third-party App From Accessing Your Facebook Account
On Your Mobile Device
Step 1. go to facebook.com and log into your account
step 2. scroll down and click on "settings&privacy"
step 3. click on "apps"
step 4. under "apps and website" click on "logged in with facebook
step 5. you will see all the websites and apps you log in with your facebook account
step 6. Tap on any app/website to see information you gave the website,
step 7. scroll down and click "remove app"

on computer
step 1. Log on to your Facebook.
step 2. Click the drop-down arrow then select "Account
3. Select "Apps" on the left
4. Scan the list and click the
"x" on the right of any app you
want to clear. the permissions
you gave them will be revoked.

followin the above steps,you will be able to revoke/cancel the permission you gave to third party websites/app to access your account.
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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Show File Extension on Windows 10

By default, most file extension are hidden in windows 10. only few extensions like .cpl and .mui are shown by default.
But if you wish, you can show and hide file extension on windows 10 at anytime.

i will be given 2 methods to do this, you can choose any method.

show file extension in windows 10
1. Method One

step 1.Press Windows + E, and it will open up "File Explorer" on your computer.
step 2. Click on "View" tab in Ribbon
step 3. check "File name
and save it, after that file extension will show on any file

how to hide file extension on windows 10
to hide file extension
Open "File Explorer."
Go to "View" tab.
Find and uncheck "File name

2. Method Two

step 1.On Your pc keyboard, Press Windows + R, and it will open up "Run Command Box."
step 2.Type the command "control folders" (without quotes) and then press Enter
step 3. It will open up File Explorer Options.
step 4. Navigate to the "View" tab.
step 5. Find "Hide
extensions for known file types and uncheck it
step 6. Click on "OK" button.

To Find file extension using this method
Go to 'View' tab of "File Explorer Options."
Find and check "Hide extensions for known file types."
Click "OK" button at the bottom.

with the above method you can show and hide file extension at any time.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Fix Dowload Pending Status on Play Store

Follow this step-by-step Guide to learn how to fix 'Download pending' error on Google playstore.

Google playstore is the official app store for downloading Games and Apps for Android device.
Users sometimes face problems while downloading or using the play store, A common problem faced is when you want to download an app you get the "Download pending" error and sometimes users have no option than to quite the app.

I Have provided four method which you can use to solve 'Download Pending' Error when trying to download an app in play store.

1. Restart The App

The first thing you should do is, try to exist the app and open it again. this method sometimes work.and try to download the app again. if it still show you the error head to method 2.

2. Stop Multiple Download

Over the years, Google playstore has been updated, before you could download multiple apps the same time,but now only an app can be downloaded at a time. This Might be the reason you are getting the 'download Pending' error, so stop downloading many apps at once to fix this follow these steps:

step 1. open Google play store app
step 2. swipe from left to right and tap on "My games and apps"
step 3. you will see apps that are in downloading queue. Tap on the X (cross icon) to cancel all the downloads

Now try to download the app you want.

3. Force Stop The Google Play Store

it can also be that Google playstore is not working correctly on your device, to fix it you need to force stop the app

step 1. Go to settings and tap on Apps
step 2. from the list of apps, look for google play store and tap on it
step 3: Now Tap On "force stop"
This Will stop the app and restart it again.

4. Clear Data and Cache of playstore

if the cache and data are filled with a lots of junks, the app often stop working properly. you can clear cache and data of playstore by:
Go to settings and click on apps
Tap on Google Playstore
Tap on "clear cache" and "clear data"
Now try to download the app

You Can try any of the above method and you will be above to fix 'Download pending' status on Google play store.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

How To Backup Contacts on Java Phone

It has been long since i wrote on java phone. Today i will be written on how to Backup Contacts on your java phone.
I know you will be thinking can I also Backup contacts on my S40 Nokia phones(or other java phones) The Answer is "yes", not only on Android phone you can backup contacts also on your java phone.Before I Proceed let me tell you why you need to backup contacts.

Everyday, we save phone numbers on your phone, but your phone can get lost which means your contacts are gone,if you saved the contacts on your sim and the sim is inside the phone, it means you have lost both the phone and the sim and all the phone numbers inside.
Even if you buy a new sim, it will be difficult to get back all your lost contact.

I know you will ask what if i welcome Back my sim. Even if you do a welcome back of your lost sim you won't still get back your contacts, the only thing is that people can still call your phone number.
Some People form a Book and copy all their contacts into it in case they lost their sim, but that is time consuming and you could still lost the book also.

Your Network providers has a backup service e.g Mtn Backup Services so that if you lost your sim and do a welcome Back or retrieve your sim you can restore back your contacts back to the sim.
But the only problem is that these network providers charges you (even upto N100 monthly) not everybody have that money to do a backup of their contacts from time to time.

Luckily. your phone has an option to Backup and restore Contacts.This you don't pay. i know most of you will go for this since it's Free. some java phone have the in-built option to backup contacts others don't have but you can also use an app to do it.

I will be giving 2 methods to Backup Contact On a java phone, you can choose any method.

1. How to Import/Export Contacts On java phone
may be you might have come across Import/Export options on your contacts and you don't know what it is used for? it is used to backup and restore contacts although not all java phone have this feature
- Go to your contacts
- enter option, on the menv that shows, scroll down and select import/export
- click on Export, all your contacts will display you can click mark all to backup All your contacts and enter ok
- It will take you to your file manager you can create a New folder and select the folder and click on ok.
- the time it takes to load depending on the amounts of contacts you have.
Go to your memory card, Enter The folder you will see a file with .vcf format open it you will see your contacts (name and phone numbers).

2. How To Backup Contacts On Java Phone
if you phone don't have the option of Export/import You can use an app called Mobile backup follow these
step1. Download And Install MOBILE BACKUP.jar
step 2. open the app, click on the 2nd option "set backup file root"
Note: this isn't important but i suggest you do it to set the folder you will save your file.
step 3. ckick on start and press "yes" to allow it reads your contact
step 4. wait for it to load, it will show how many items have been backuped from phone and sim.

you can go to your file manager and enter the folder you saved the file to, enter the file to see your contacts.

if you are webmaster you can upload the file to your website{internet} to keep it safe.

How To Restore Contacts On Java PhoneAfter backuping your contacts in case you lost your phone or sim card you would like to restore back your phone.
==> open your mobile backup
==> click on restore locate the folder where you stored your backup file and click restore and wait for it to restore your contact back into your phone.

Note: you can also use the same method to Backup Contacts On Symbian Phone

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How To Fix Cannot Delect File/Folder in Windows 10

You might have come across some files/folders when you try to delect them in windows 10, you get the error message "unable to delect file" or "you have been denied permission" you don't know what to do and sometimes you have no option than to leave them.but i have provided some quicks tips to help you fix cannot Delect File/Folder in Windows 10.

sometimes the problem of being unablde to delect a file is, if you created it and you don't have permission to edit it.
Another Reason is if the file/folder is being opened or locked by a process on your computer. i have provided a quick steps to fix the issue.
Also, the file/folder might be used be a process on your computer or another file, if you dont stop that process you wont be able to delect that file/folder until you stop that process. follow these step to fix the problem.

1.Restart Your Computer

The simplest way to fix the problem is to Restart your computer. or Turn it off and after 3 minutes Turn it on and try delecting the file.

2. Change Permission

since you are unable to delect the file due to Permission, You can change/modify the permission of the affected file/folder.to do this
>Right click the file/folder that you are unable to delect and click on properties on the menu.
>Click on security tap,and select Advanced
> On the next screen,click on Permissions, tap and see if any entry is denied, select the entry, click on remove.
Now try delecting the file/folder

3. Stop The Process

you can also stop processes that are using the file,open Task manager on your computer and End Tasks that are using your file and preventing it from being delected to do that
1. Right-click on the Start button
and click on Task Manager on the menu
2. On the Task Manager screen,
click on the Processes Tab and
stop the program/Process that is
keeping your File/Folder busy.
For example, if the file that you
were trying to delete is an Excel/
Word File, you should be able to
find Excel/Word related processes
in the Task Manager and stop
them, Right-click and click on End
Task. you should now be able to delect the file/folder.

Following the above steps, you will successfuly fix cannot delect file/folder in windows 10.

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Sunday, 25 March 2018

How To Add Lock Screen Message on Android Phone

Sometimes,we do misplaced or lost our phone. so it is good ideo we do something before it lost. When you add lock screen message on your device and it got lost, an honest man finds it, and tries to contact you, he turns the phone and found it is locked, but he sees an email or phone number on the screen and contact you. isn't this a good improvement.This also increases the chances of finding your lost phone.

Also some users want to customize their phone by Adding custom messages, or inspirational quotes to the lockscreen of their Android Device.
Note: The lock screen message is a feature in Android 6.0 and newer versions. But you can still do it in Android Lollipop(5.1) and older versions Which is "Owner info".

How To Add Lockscreen Message on Android MarshMallow.
if you are running Android MarshMallow And newer versions follow this steps:
Step 1: Go to settings on your Android phone.
step 2: on the settings screen tap on Security.
step 3: scroll down and tap on Lock Screen Message.
step 4: on the pop-up window, enter your desired message and tap on save.
you can lock your phone by pressing power button to the messgae.

How To Add Lock Screen Message on Android Lollipop And Older versions.
you can also add owner info which is similar to lock screen messages on Android 4.4 and below just follow this steps

step 1: Go to settings
step 2: select security
step 3: scroll down and tap on owner information
step 4: type the message you want to display on the Lock screen, and check the bow which says "show owner info" and save.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Airtel Talk More Bundle Plan

Are You a New or Existing Airtel Suscriber,Get amazing bonuses on data, SMS and calls to all networks.You can Get
as much as 200% bonus instantly when you subscribe to Airtel Talk More. With the Airtel Talk More bundle, all you need to do is simply recharge, subscribe and start enjoying this amazing bonus on calls (local and international), SMS and data.

Friday, 23 March 2018

How To Find And Delect Duplicate Files On Android Phone

In this post,you will learn how to find and delect duplicate files on your android device.
Everyday we keep downloading and sending files (games,videos,images,etc) to our phone and there are chances that there are duplicate files. this duplicate files slows your phone and consume space on your devices. The problem is finding this duplicate files and delecting them.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How To Add Random Quotes of The Day to wapka site

Today, i will be writing on wapka site, wants to Display Random Qoutes Of The Day To Your Wapka Site.Qoutes of the day are words of wisdom, and encouragement,which will add value to visitor of your website.
It Display quotes randomly everytime a page is refreshed.The quotes are very entertaning and will keep your users happy.

The xtgem site has a widget that displays quotes of the day but wapka don't have,but luckily you can add this to your wapka sites and i have provided the javascripts code to display it.


Display Random Quotes on Your Wapka site

Login your wapka site and click on Edit site.
Go To xml/html section and paste the below javascript.

and save it. you can add it to your header or hooter autocontent to make the random quotes show in all the pages of your website.
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Saturday, 17 March 2018

How To Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable

Have you ever come across the profile of some of your friends in facebook and found out their profile picture is unclickable, and you have been wondering how they did it, or you have been facing issues of people sharing your profile picture or even downloading it and you are looking for a way to stop it, then continue reading this post.

Friday, 16 March 2018

How To Stop Google Playstore From Automatically Updating Apps

By default Google playstore will automatically update an app if there is a new version of an installed app in your phone. But Sometimes there are some apps you don't need newer version of but playstore will still update them.
Many people have this issue and are looking for a way to stop the automatically update of apps by playstore, and this is the right place to learn it.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How To Add Temperature Converter To Your Wapka Site

In this post you will learn how to add Online Temperature Converter Tool To Your Wapka Site. Today i just decide to write on wapka site.
There are many students out there who finds it difficult converting Temperature and they visit your website, then why don't you add this tool to your wapka site, to keep them coming and also inviting their friends to your site which in turn will drive traffic to your site.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How To Buy Airtime From Jaiz Bank

Do you want to Recharge your phnne and you live in an area where it is difficult to get a recharge card or you don't have money with you, But you have Bank Account and you have money inside then you can recharge your phone using your The Money in your Bank account.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

How To Borrow Data In Mtn,Airtel,Glo and 9mobile

Are you out of data or your data subscribtion has finish and you don't have money to resubscribe, and you want to access internet.

Do you know you can borrow data just as you can borrow airtime when you run out of data. your network has also made this possible by just using a ussd code to borrow data and pay later.it is almost the same as borrowing airtime.

Friday, 9 March 2018

How To Add Calender To Wapka Site

Today, I'm Sharing A Wapka Calender code, which display calender in your wapka site.
It is a simple and stylish calender which allow users to check dates.

Monday, 5 March 2018

How To Set And Use Gesture Navigation In Android Phone

As Part Of the Android Oreo Beta update, it comes with a new feature which is the use of gesture based system to navigate, instead of the traditonational navigation button.

It was recently, One Plus rolled out the gesture navigation control for 5T.
Although Google have not rolled out these types of updates, But if you want the gesture navigation control, you can get it by installing an app on your device.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

How To Shedule Power On And Off In Android Phone

Do you want your Android phone to turn off automatically at a specific time. Sometimes,you are always busy at a specific time and you want your phone to switch off at that time,
or you want your phone to turn off at night and turn on in thne morning Automatically to save Battery.

Friday, 2 March 2018

How To Remotely Logout Facebook Account From Any Device

In This article, you will learn how to remotely logout your facebook account from any device you previously log in.

May Be You Lost your phone with your facebook account logged in(actively working on the phone)and you are afraid someone might get access to your account. or you log in using your friend phone and you forgot to log out, now your account is not safe and you don't want them to have access to your account.
Facebook Has Provided a way to monitor and track your log in details so as to help you secure you account.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

How To Add Online Calculator To Wapka Site

The Wapka Online Calculator Allows users to do their mathematicall calculations online in your website.
sometimes, users/guest might be on your website,and they need to do some calculations, so they have to leave your website or even exist the browser. you keep loosing users in your site due to this.