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How amazing it's to stop alarm when it is ringing in your phone by just speaking to it.
sometimes you might set an alarm to wake you up early in the morning, but you woke up and you still feel sleepy, and your phone alarm starts ringing. whats comes your mind next is how to stop the alarm.

in this post i will show you a method where you just need to speak a command e.g "stop" and your phone will recognise your command and the alarm will stop. isn't this nice
just follow the steps below to get started.

steps to stop alarm Ringing In Android Phone With Your Voice

Step 1 --> First You Need An App Called WAKE VOICE TRIAL ALARM click To here to download the app
step 2 --> install and launch the app
Now tick the speech synthesis and voice recognition options. (speech synthesis is for weather widget and voice recognision is for listening to your stop voice command.

Now You Need To Test The Working Of The App By Clicking Test
You Will See A Google Listener, You Just Need To Say Stop
Your phone alarm will stop, now it's your phone time to speak to you. it will tell you details about ,weather,news etc..you can also customize the settings of the app.

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How To Snooze Alarnm In Android Phone With Your Voice

This Is Similar to the first, but am using another app calledVOICE SNOOZE ALARM.apk
you can snooze or deactivate alarm when it is ringing in your android device
-->Download The App, Install And lunch the app.
--> click on settings and tap on "deactivate voice command. thats all
How Does It Work.
When the Alarm start ringing, just say anything or even shout it will snooze, if there is silence it will resume to try to wake you up.when you say your deactivate command it will deactivate.
it can even connect to the internet automatically when needed for speech recognizer, so if you are among those people that turn off internet, you dont have to worry.

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