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As You Know google search
console is not accessible by
opera mini browsers. but
abu4risay has provide a solution
to this.

sometimes ago when i first
summit my website to google
search console, i have to use
android phone/google. but now
even with a nokia/java phone i
can access the search console.

normally when you visit the
Google search console with
opera mini browser you get a
plank page after login in.

How To access google search
console with opera mini browser

all you need to do is copy the
below link and enter it on your
opera mini address bar or just
click the link with your opera


0r just copy the link from this

from the links above just
replace my site name with your
site name which you want to
the link will take you to search
console fetch as google. you can
navigate through for other
features and option
note: although some features
will show blank but almost all
the features are available.

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