Wednesday, 26 September 2018

How To Revoke Whatsapp Group Chat Invite Link

Today in this post i will show you how to Revoke Whatsapp Group chat invite link.
 As we know to Add someone on a Group on whatsapp Admin can add contacts on his phone to a Group,  but whdn the Group is to target large Audience contacts on Admin phone is not sufficient, here comes whatsapp Group chat invite link which you can share to other to get more members.
 But sometimes after sharing your Group invite link, you might start getting large number of participants and you don't want that, and to start Removing members is a Hard-Time consuming and You can't Delete all the links you might have shared on other social media.

you need not to worry as you can stop people from joining your Group through the link you shared without Deleting the Link,  All you need to do is make the link invalid(revoke it)

==> Open Whatsapp App on your phone
==> open The Group you want to revoke its link.
==> Tap on the Group Header and select "invite via Link"
==> click on "Revoke Link" and confirm
That's all Another new link will be generated for you.

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Friday, 31 August 2018

How To Check Data Balance on Mtn

Today I Will Teach you how To check Mtn Data Balance

Sometimes many people found it difficult to check data balance on Mtn so i decided to share it here to help those people and if you know only one method you can Learn other method to check Data balance
Although each data purchased has a unique way to check it balance still there is a General way to check all Data Balance on mtn

When you recharge your Sim depending on your Data plan or when you receive Bonus Mb, to check the data Balance Dial <font color="red">*559# or Dial *559*4#</font> it will show you your Data Balance.
Note: mosttime's when you purchase a Data plan you won't be able to check it this way Although you can still check some But there is a method to check purchased Data plan
Dial <font color="red">*131*4#</font> It will Display your current Data plan Balance

<b>How To Check Mtn Data Balance using Text Message</b>
You can Also check your Data Balance using sms to do this
- Go to your Text Message
- send 2 To 131
You will receive a reply shorty Containing Your Data Balance

Another way To check A specific Data plan Balance is to follow the Ussd for subscribing that Plan most times you will see an option to check your remaining Data.

<H2>How To Check Mtn Data Balance Online</H2>
If you have Internet connection on your phone you can check your Data Balance Online both Android and Java phone users Download the <font color="red">MYMTN APP</font> to check data Balance online

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

How To Set Primary and Secondary Sim on Android phone

Today, in this post I will show you how to set Primary and Secondary sim on your Android Phone.
 As most Android comes with Two Sims then there is a need to set which Sim is Going to be Primary and Secondary.
  The primary Sim card has higher functions unlike the secondary, sometimes when you want to perform an Action, the primary Sim card is used, also you will notice one Sim card has The 3g/2g option while the other is only 2g.

The primary Sim card doesn't mean is the sim card in the first slot it can also be in the second slot, but most times when you first insert your sims, the one in the first slot is chosen as primary sim, while some Android phone you will be given the option to select.

Set Primary and Secondary Sim on Android phone
==> Go to Settings on your Android phone
==> Go to Sim cards
==> Scroll down and select primary Sim
Choose your preferred Sim as primary and the other will Become Secondary wait while it Load.

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

How To Clear All messages in WhatsApp

In this post we will learn how to clear all messages on WhatsApp
 Maybe you are given someone your phone, or you just used a friend phone to do WhatsApp and you are Afraid they might read your messages or you just decided to Delect chats with a friend WhatsApp has an option which allows you to delect all the messages you send to them

 > open WhatsApp on your Android phone
> open the chat you want to clear

Tap on Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top.

Tap "More" and then tap "Clear chat."
Now, you will see these option

If you want to Delect all messages from contacts follow these step

==> Open WhatsApp on your Android device.
==> Tap on Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top > Settings > Chats > Chat history.
==> Now, Tap on "Clear all chats" option
Also you have the option
Delect videos,photo
All Starred messages
And All chat
All you have to do is select any option or both

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

How To Change Default Call,sms and Data sim on Android Phone

In this Post Today, we will learn how to change Default Call, SMS, and Data sim on Android phone.
As most Android phone today uses Two sim card,
while trying to make a call or send sms You will be prompted to select a sim to perform the action,but sometimes if a sim has been selected as Default, when you want to make a call you won't be ask to select a sim the Default sim will be used.

When you are using one sim card on your phone and you later insert another sim, then you can't use that second sim for calling because the first sim card has been set as Default so you need to change it first. This also applies to SMS and Data connection. follow these steps to change it

change Default Data,Sms, and Call Sim Card on Android Phone

==> Go to settings on your phone
==> click on sim cards
==> under referred sim you will see Data,sms call tap on each, you will see three options
 —> Ask everytime
 —> sim 1
 —> sim 2
I will recommend you to choose ask everytime so you don't have to change it everytime

Following above steps you will be able to change Default Sim Card for call SMS and Data.

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

How to Change Mouse Pointer Speed on Windows

In this guide, we will see how to change the pointer speed of your Mouse in Windows.
 In some computer, you will find the mouse cursor too slow or too fast and in that case you can adjust the speed to your desire just follow the Below steps

Monday, 2 July 2018

How To Add English Dictionary to Wapka site

Good day webmasters, Today I Will show you how to add English dictionary to your walls site.
 with this tool, you can keep your users engaged and also increase your site traffic

A user just have to input an English word in the Search box and he will get the meaning. isn't this good since users no longer have to exit your site to check the meaning of a word.

Wapka English Dictionary  Code
To add this Dictionary to your wapka site simply
Login your wapka,
create a new page and name the page e.g English Dictionary
Then go to edit site add paste below code via HTML/WML section on the page you have just created

After adding the above code you have successfully added English dictionary to your wapka site

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

How To Change Default Browser,Sms,Media Apps on Android Phone

Today in this post, you will learn how to set default Browser,sms, and media app.

When Trying to perform an action or open a file, you will be prompt to select an App you will use to open it and you have the option to use that app
 - just once
 - every time
if you select just once everytime you have to select it again but if you choose Always then that app has been selected as Default.

 Some times there are files you want to open but you don't want to use your Default app or you have just installed a new app for the action but you can't use that app because you have already selected another App for the Action then you need to Change the default App first.

Although some phone you can easily find the option to change default Apps, but some phone don't have that direct options, some requires you to uninstall the App first before you can select Another App.

Follow these steps To learn How to change default App on Any Android phone.

Change Default browser, SMS and Media app on Android phone

on some Android phone
step 1 Go to settings
step 2 .Apps > select the App
step 3. Tap on set as Default.

on Android 6.0
==> Go to settings > Apps
==> Tap on the Gear Icon at the Top

==> select Default Apps.
Now for each Action you can change or view the default App for it.

If you can't find these two options then follow this method it requires the use of a third party app
>Download DEFAULT APP MANAGER and install it
==> open the App, on the Home screen you will see list of Default apps and Actions that don't have default App

To change Browser default App, look for Browser tap on clear to remove default App while to assign a default App Tap on reset. That's all

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Friday, 15 June 2018

How To Clear App Data and Cache on Android Phone

Today in this guide, i will teach you how to clear App Data and Cache files on Android phone.

over a period of time, your app will store lots of data,cache and junk files, these files sometimes makes an app to misbehave or not to respond.
so it is a good idea fron time to time, to clear an app cache and data.

Note: when you clear an app data you will lose all accounts, information that app has stored, but clearing cached files won't erase any of your data. follow these steps to clear App Data and Cache files on Android phone

Clear App Data and Cached Filea

The steps involved in clearing app data of an app on some Android phone differs,  but if you understand a step you can apply it to your phone

Sunday, 3 June 2018

How To Allow Installation of Apps From Unknown Source on Android Phone

In this guide, you will learn how to install apps from unknown source on Android phone.

sometimes while trying to install apps on your phone you get the message "unable to install app " or  "app not installed" this is caused by blockage of installation from unknown source.